Body and Balance Massage Therapy Long Island Massage Therapist Nassau


Swedish Massage

Very relaxing. Great to improve circulation.
60 minute - $75
90 minute - $120
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Deep Tissue Massage

A more vigorous massage. Deeply penetrates the muscles.
60 minute - $80
90 minute - $130
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Hot Stone Massage

I use the heat from Hot Stones to deep penetrate the muscles assist in blood flow and deep healing any muscle tension or soreness your body may have. I also use my hands to massage as well and place the stones on different areas of the body to assist in the healing process.
60 minute - $85
90 minute - $130
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Thai Massage

Increase flexibility, eliminate muscle pain and spasms, calm the nervois system, and allow for the significant release of stress. Thai massage will stimulate blood circulation,lymph drainage, relieve fatigue and headaches.
60 minute - $110
90 minute - $160


For woman after the 1st trimester of Pregnancy. it's extremely soothing and relaxing and helps relieve any pain or pressure that may occur during pregnancy.
(Must be out of your first trimester)
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Sports Massage

Is a more vigorous form of massage. That consist of deep tissue work and stretches to help heal and stretch the muscles before or after a hard work out, or to get the muscles ready for strenuous activity.


Aromatherapy Massage

I use an assortment of oils of your choice. The scent in the room and in the massage oils Helps calm the mind so the body will follow. It's a very relaxing and calming massage. I also do energy balanceing and healing work with the massage

20-Minute Scalp Massage

I use Aromatherapy oils on the scalp to help with relaxation and healing. It feels incredible especially for people like me who love there head massaged.

Learn the Art & Love of Massage

Do you want to learn how to heal your heart, body and spirit with the loving guidance of a professional Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Healer?

Have you lost the intimacy in your relationship? Have you been married a while, have kids, work, family, and life on life's terms been getting in your way. Do you want to reconnect with your partner and get the love passion and intimacy back into your life, or if your a couple who wants to enjoy each other and establish a deeper connection to one and other and the universe.
Come into Body-n-Balance to learn the healing art of massage. You and your partners love is worth saving and embracing.
$150 couple

Body Treatments

Paraffin Hand Treatment


Paraffin Foot Treatment


Ear Candeling

Draws out the wax from the ears

Cellulite Seaweed Body Wrap

Especially for inch loss and cellulite. Includes cellulite massage!
90 minute - $145
Package of 4 - $500

Seaweed Body Wrap


Aromatherapy Body Wrap

We use all special Aromatherapy oils specifically to promote healing the body, mind and spirit. While in the body wrap our goal is to make you sweat out the toxins in your body adding in inch loss as well as getting you into a deep form of meditation to release old negative patterns of thinking and start healing the mind so then the body can follow.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

A 30-minute deep hand and arm massage targeting the hands and the wrists. Includes a parafin hand treatment with hot mittens.


Foot 45 minute - $60
Hand and Foot 60 minute - $75

Reiki and Energy Healing

We use the Usui method of Reiki healing. Which is working with the universal life force to assist in the healing process of the physical body, enhances relaxation and self awareness while quieting and nourishing the spirit.
75 minute - $105

Body Scrubs

Body scrub- a deep exfoliation of the skin.
Assists in getting rid of dead skin cells, due to dry skin, and or sun damage. makes the skin soft and feeling smooth and rejuvenated.
Sugar scrubs come in a Honey Almond scent. Salt scrubs comes in a Lavender scent.


Collagen Facial

I use Collagen serum and mask w a line filer cream which works for Anti Aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the skin. I use the Ultra Sonic Anti-aging machine to deep penetrate the products. It stimulates the nerve endings in the skin to tighten and firm the skin as it penetrates the collagen deep into epidermis to aid in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

One Hour treatment, which includes a skin analysis, cleansing, toning, steam, deep exfoliation to clean out any access debris, such as oil, blackheads,or white heads. Also includes massage of face, neck, arms and hands. Hot mittens will be put over your hands as well. A deep penetrating masque, serum, then creme.

Anti Aging Facial

Very hydrating facial for mature skin. Its the basic Deep pore cleanse with other anti aging products for fine lines and wrinkles. We use a super firming creme and the ultra sonic massage to penetrate the products deeper. The electric impulses that come from the machine stimulate the nerves in your skin to help bring the skin up to make your skin firmer and tighter. (All Anti Aging products)

Men’s Facial

Deep pore cleansing facial, with a deep exfoliation. This facial soothes men’s skin that may be slightly irritated due to shaving. Firmer massage of the face, neck, hands and arms. Use a shea butter creme to help hydrate skin and heal skin. Great for men that use there hands all day.

Mini Facial

A 30-minute mini facial on the go. Cleanse...tone...exfoliate the skin, then apply masque. Includes light massage. Great for someone in a rush who wants to clean up skin!

Acne Treatment with High Frequency

Specifically for someone with very oily skin that has breakouts such as Blackheads, White Heads or Cystic Acne. Deep pore cleansing a lot of extractions. We use all water based products.
High Frequency is a machine that uses electric heat to disinfect and stimulate the infected area to aid in the healing process of your skin.


Vitamin C Facial

Great to revitalize and mineralize the skin. This facial is amazing for anti aging and sun damaged skin.

Back Facial

Great for people that get back breakouts. Deep cleanses and tones the skin, deep exfoliation with a 20 minute back massage, extractions if needed. Very soothing and relaxing.

(All facials include extractions. All products removed with hot moist towels)