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  • Posture – Sitting At Your Desk All Day

    Body and Balance Massage Therapy Long Island Massage Therapist Nassau

    Let’s face it, if our job demands that we sit all day at work then we will want a comfortable chair. A nice cushy leather chair sounds pretty good right? Well, it may not be the best thing for you you or your back. Many a study prove that sitting for long periods of time may very well have long term effects on your spine.


    common posture problemsYour muscles tend to bunch and cramp from long hours of searching the internet for the latest, greatest cat video or if you actually work then the affect is the same. Long hours at sitting at your desk can actually cause hunching of the back.  Sitting hunched over a computer screen forces chest muscles to tighten, which can cause excessive curvature (kyphosis) of the upper back (thoracic spine). Postural muscles in the upper back weaken and loosen.
    Another problem is something called Forward Head.  This is when your ear lobes extends passed your AC Joint and again can be caused by sitting hunched at your desk all day long.
    Forward Head PostureBut alas, there is good news! Since we don’t want to look like Quasimodo at the end of the fiscal year there are certain things we can do to prevent that. First, a regular Deep Tissue Massage from Body N Balance Healing From Wantagh Long Island is a great way to relax your muscles. Or their excellent Swedish Massage to get the blood pumping again.
    Some other great ways to fix your posture would be to get up every couple of hours from your desk and take a walk around the office (maybe stop at the water cooler and talk about last night’s American Idol with some co-workers ).  Also, be sure to stretch regularly, its great for the muscles. Look into standing desks or ergonomic office chairs to help as well.  Either way, sitting for long periods of time has long-term affects but they aren’t incurable so stay conscious.  



  • Sit Up Straight! Massage For Posture

    Body and Balance Massage Therapy Long Island Massage Therapist Nassau

    Whatever postural problem you may have, it may be having more affects on your body than you realize. The soft tissue of the body is inter-connected, which means that one area of the body can affect the next. Even the most subtle of muscle tension can twist the surrounding area and throw your body out of alignment. This leads to pain, tension, and probably visible structural issues such as a hunched back or rounded shoulders. Not only does poor posture look bad, but it also forces muscles to work incredibly hard while others get weaker. Slouching can also affect the internal organs by pressing on them and slowing digestion.


    Being aware of the factors contributing to postural imbalances are an important part of correcting your overall wellness. how you sleep, how you sit at work, or how you hold your position during recreational activities can all contribute to poor posture. Going about your days with out stretching the body or paying attention to areas that cause you trouble can just build upon poor posture and body pains. If you imagine your body to be a building, you can think about how each component contributes to the framework. Think of your feet and legs as framework, and so on. If a building loses stability or the walls are holding too much stress and cracking, the building will begin to shift and crumble. When it comes to the human anatomy, one thing affects another- so your neck or shoulder pain could actually be a result of your hips being out of alignment.


    Once you are aware of your posture and begin to shift the way you hold yourself throughout the day, you can begin the process of healing. A massage from Body N Balance Healing of Wantagh Long Island can be the next step towards healthy posture. Massage therapy treatment feels wonderful but the benefits go well beyond relaxation and temporary relief. Massage therapy will help put the tissue and muscles of the body back where they belong. Massage brings space to the joints that have been compressed and are causing pain and pulling on surrounding bones and muscle. A massage at Body N Balance of Long Island will also help to reach the trigger points that are hard to get to, such a under the shoulder blades. The most important benefit of seeking out a massage treatment is helping to break the chronic tension habits that we subconsciously fall into everyday.


    Here are some quick tips on how to improve your posture today:


    –  Stop Thinking About Your Shoulders: Instead of focusing on your shoulder position, focus on keeping your chest up and open. Your body will look better and be more comfortable in the long run. This simple change can also help you breathe and digest better.


    –  Activate Your Abs: Use your core to support your chest while allowing your arms and shoulders to relax in the right position. This practice is great for both sitting stagnant at work and while moving or working out.


    –  Stretch Your Arms And Pecs: Stretch your arms in every direction. Do what feels good! This simple practice will help with neck and shoulder tension.


    improve posture with massage

    These are just the beginning to improving your posture. It takes listening to our bodies and diligence to address these old habits. The more our clients are aware and helping their bodies in their daily lives, the more a massage can benefit their permanently improved posture. With ongoing massage therapy treatments from Body N Balance, your muscles will be loosened, your joints will be relaxed and you’ll have greater freedom of movement. Unlike other bad habits, repairing posture can be relaxing to address through a massage.

  • Self Massage: Become Your Own Therapist

    Body and Balance Massage Therapy Long Island Massage Therapist Nassau

    Professional massages at a spa can’t be beat! It’s a terrific experience that you can get a taste of anytime you want with your own hands. Self massage can be just the thing to prepare you or help you recover from the day, a work out, or a stressful event. Daily muscle massages help strengthen your body and stimulate the circulation.


    shower-Massage-YourselfTime of Day Massages


    Early Morning: What is the first thing your cat or dog does when waking up? Stretch! This loosens up tightness in the body and shakes of stress. In the morning do some light stretches followed by some gentle thumping on the outside of your body. Start with your legs and arms, moving from top to bottom and the inwards towards your torso.


    Before a Workout: Massage before stretching, card or lifting increases blood flow to the muscles. Use a pummeling motion to bring blood flow to the arm and leg muscles. Massaging and squeezing muscles breaks up scar tissue, limiting chance of injury.


    After a Workout: Massage your muscles using your palm, fist, or elbows. This encourages waste removal and speeds your recovery time.



    self-massage-tips-long-islandTrouble Areas


    Feet feeling tense? Try standing with one hand on a wall for support and place the arch of the foot on top of a tennis ball. Gradually add more of your weight to it and begin to roll to massage the bottom of your foot. You can also use your hands and fingers by digging into the soles of your feet in a circular motion with your hands and thumbs.


    Sore lower back? This is a common complaint with the average adult. Whether from activities or sitting at a desk, this area in particular seems to be troubling. Use a foam roller, a rolled up blanket, towel, or yoga mat by placing it on the floor and laying face up over it. Lay perpendicular to the roller with it positioned under your lower back so that your shoulders and butt are touching the floor.


    Stiff neck and shoulders? This is a common place where people hold their stress. This results in chronic headaches, which can be a huge damper on your daily activities. Use your left hand to stroke your left shoulder and the left side of your neck, and vice versa. Using small circles, start at the base of your skull and work towards your shoulders. When you catch a knot, work it out in small, firm circles with your fingers.