The anti-aging facial we offer at Body N Balance Healing is a very hydrating facial for mature skin. Its the basic Deep pore cleanse with other anti aging products for fine lines and wrinkles. We use a super firming creme and the ultra sonic massage to penetrate the products deeper. The electric impulses that come from the machine stimulate the nerves in your skin to help bring the skin up to make your skin firmer and tighter.


An Anti-Aging Facial exfoliates the skin on a deeper level. Most facials include a basic exfoliation with a scrub but the anti-aging facial goes one level deeper.  Exfoliation helps to remove dead cells to reveal fresher more youthful skin cells. This process also helps to increase circulation to the skin’s surface, which helps with cellular renewal.


This type of facial also improves the texture and tone of your skin by increasing circulate to the skin’s surface, which makes your skin appear smoother. You do not have to wait for wrinkles to benefit an anti-aging facial, as these facials keep your skill looking youthful and may ward off of signs of premature aging. We are now offering a $10 off coupon for an anti-aging facial at Body N Balance in Wantagh. The coupon expires April 31, 2013 so come on down before then and treat yourself to a facial!