A reiki treatment works on many levels of your beings. Treatments can enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Reiki is one of the oldest healing treatments and it is the most versatile. At Body N Balance in Wantagh, New York, we perform Reiki treatments to aid in the healing of the body, enhance relaxation, and nourish the spirit.


Here are 7 Health Benefits Of Reiki:


1-   One of the best benefits is stress reduction and relaxation. This triggers the body’s natural immune system, aids in sleep and improves health.


2-    Valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth  by bringing about inner peace and harmony.


3-   Reiki balances the mind and emotions. Regular treatments can can bring about a calmer and more peaceful state of being and the ability to deal with everyday stress better


4-   Brings relief during emotional distress and sorrow.


5-   Helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica and other physical ailments


6-   Treatments can speed up healing form surgery and long term illnesses


7-   Prevention of illnesses by helping to maintain a state of physical and emotional balance.