Aromatherapy For Emotional And Physical Wellness

Aromatherapy is the use of volatile plant oils for physical and emotional well being. The foundations of this therapy dates back thousands of years but the term aromatherapy had not been used until the 20th century. One of the first cultures to use aromatic plants for well being is possibly the Chinese who burned incenses to help foster harmony and balance. The Egyptians used oils for spiritual, medicinal, and cosmetic use, and many believe they coined the term “perfume.” Cultures such as the Greeks and Romans also had utilized essential oils. In the centuries leading up to the 20th, plants were distilled to produce essential oils for medicine and perfume. During the early 20th century, scientists began separating the major constituents of  essential oils to use with synthetic chemicals. It was thought that this would be beneficial therapeutically and economically but this weakened the benefits of the oils. With the emergence of modern pharmaceuticals, the healing processes of essential oils dwindled later in the 20th century and now we are seeing a growing resurgence. The desire for all-natural products for therapeutic and cosmetic benefit has been heightened due to availability and information. The education provided within books and the internet has refueled the awareness of the healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy.


At Body N Balance Healing in Wantagh, Long Island, we offer both Aromatherapy Massage and Aromatherapy Body Wrap.


aromatherapy long island

The Aromatherapy Massage: We use oils suited to you in order to calm the mind and body. The massage is very relaxing and will help heal your body and spirit.


The Aromatherapy Body Wrap: We use special aromatherapy oils that promotes healing of the mind body and spirit. The goal is to have you sweat out the toxins in your body. This not only results in inch loss, but also helps bring you into a deep meditation to release old patterns of thinking. With the mind healing, the body will follow!

Come to Body N Balance healing, located in Wantagh, Long Island and receive aromatherapy for emotional and physical wellness!