balance stressEveryone’s talking about eliminating stress and stress relief. Yes, it’s true that stress in large amounts is bad for you. It’s bad for the spirit, your complexion, your heart and other vital organs, gives you a headache, and just puts a damper on your days. But a little stress here and there is needed in order to encourage us to do better, improve our short comings, and obtain goals. The main thing we need to accomplish is to work on managing and balance stress to our advantage. At Body N Balance, we understand that some people can stress themselves out by trying to eliminate stress! However when we balance our stress levels, we can reduce the harmful effects of stress while maintaining the encouraging aspects of light stress.


When you come to Body N Balance Healing spa located in Wantagh, New York you can receive spa treatments that help you balance stress. The most valuable part of receiving a spa treatment is just being able to sit still for awhile and reset yourself so you leave better in tune with your body, mind and spirit.


long island massage therapyAromatherapy helps to balance stress when you breathe in and soak in the essential oils during a massage or body wrap. Aromatherapy is known to reduce anxiety, increase self esteem, and lower blood pressure. In conjunction with a massage, facial, body wrap, or body scrub, healing essential oils can help reduce stress levels and allow for motivational stress to work for us. At Body N Balance we like to help our customers achieve wellness by working with their body, minds, and spirit in order to have a more harmonious overall being.


Don’t beat yourself up or stress yourself out about getting stressed out! We are only human and sometimes need assistance to find balance within us. Come to our Long Island spa and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!