Prenatal massages share many of the same benefits of any other massage. However a woman’s rapidly changing body during pregnancy can benefit greatly from a massage. At Body N Balance of Wantagh, Long Island, we are grateful to help you reduce stress and promote overall wellness during your pregnancy.


Some of the benefits of prenatal massage includes:


–  Headache relief


–  Relax muscle tension


–  Reduce Fatigue


–  Relieve leg cramps


–  Swelling reduction


–  Sleep enhancement


Carrying a child changes your center of gravity. This puts stress on your neck, back, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. Hormone levels are altered during pregnancy as well, leading to changes in emotional stress. Part of the benefits of a prenatal massage includes dealing with these changes to your body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy naturally helps to achieve muscle relaxation as well as mood regulation.


Most women these days are also working up until the very last minute before their maternity leave. This can add extra pressure on the sciatic nerve. Most pregnant woman are already experiencing sciatic nerve pain, which radiates through the pelvis, lower back, and legs. This strain can lead to further problems such as poor circulation and excess swelling. A simple prenatal massage is a good way to work out the kinks of sitting at a desk or  walking around while pregnant.


Women who are out of their first trimester and have a normal, low-risk pregnancy can receive the overall benefits of prenatal massage from Body N Balance.


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