Reiki healing helps to heal you from the inside. It is balancing at every level and can help anyone who is interested enough to experience a treatment. If you are feeling tired, after a treatment you will feel refreshed, if you are distressed, you will find comfort, if you are anxious you can find some serenity. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your life, a Reiki healing session can help you find a renewed sense of yourself.


Most people who come in for a Reiki Healing session, will notice a different after the first treatment and the benefits of course will increase with repeated sessions. Reiki healing is completely and entirely safe, there is nothing about it that can interfere with any medical care that you may be receiving.


Some simple benefits of Reiki can include:


– Relaxation

– Reduced Anxiety

– Improved Sleep

– Stronger Self-Esteem

– Reduced Depression

– Pain Management


If you have never received this type of treatment, give yourself a break and give it a try. We are located in Wantagh, Long Island and are happy to help you in the healing process of the body and mind. Our goal at Body N Balance is for you to feel refreshed and renewed when you leave the spa! Give yourself a break from your every day stress and give yourself a chance to relax.