When your life gets stressful it can put a strain on your intimate relationships. Have you lost intimacy in your relationship with your husband or wife or significant other? Sometimes after being married for a while, having kids and being busy with work and raising a family, life on life’s terms gets in the way. If you want to reconnect with your partner and get the love and passion back that you once had into your life, we can help you with this. ALso if you are a couple that just wanted to further enjoy each other and establish a deeper connection to each other and the universe, try our couples massage.


At Body N Balance of Wantagh, we offer a Couples Massage that can help save the love between you and your significant other, or increase and deepen it. Come on down to learn about the healing art of massage therapy. The love between you and your partner is worth saving and embracing. A couples massage therapy session is $150 per couple.


You deserve a break from the daily stresses of everyday life and so does your parter. Life can get stressful and as life gets stressful that stress can be harmful to your body. We can help to heal you and release the stress that you have been feeling due to life on life’s terms. We are located in Wantagh, Long Island in the parking lot and building of World Gym and encourage you to come on down to our spa and treat yourself to some relaxation. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated when you leave our spa.