Body N Balance Massage Therapy located in Wantagh, Long Island offers many types of massages. We recommend a deep tissue massage for people who want to relieve the pain associated with muscle strain, sports injuries, whiplash or other debilitating conditions. By manipulating the muscle’s underlying connective tissue (known as the fascia) this type of massage will loosen up areas that have stuck together to form “knots.” This will increase overall flexibility and ease tension.


The techniques utilized in a deep tissue massage will increase circulation to targeted areas, stretch tissue and release toxins that were trapped. The motions are much like a Swedish massage, however they tend to be more vigorous as to deeply penetrate the muscles. It is a common misconception that this type of massage is painful. However it is simply that the pressure is more focused and intense in this type of massage. At the times when knots are being worked out, it may be uncomfortable for you. A massage should never hurt…it defeats the purpose! Some may like the pressure more intense or less intense,, so it is important to communicate that to the therapist.

deep tissue massage

If you live on Long Island and find yourself experiencing pains from sports injuries, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, strain injuries or whiplash, you may want to try a deep tissue massage. It is highly recommended that you receive multiple treatments in order to gain the maximum effects. Body N Balance can help you find relief from pain that you are experiencing and help you to relax your mind and body. Give yourself a break and come down for some relaxation!