At Body N Balance located in Wantagh, New York, we have been seeing first hand that massage has become an increasingly popular way to relieve tension and soothe the body and mind. Massage is an enjoyable experience that can improve your energy, focus, and mood at home and at work. The two most popular massages are Deep Tissue and Swedish. If you are looking for a massage on Long Island, Body N Balance offers a variety of styles that are suitable for your needs. When you come to Body N Balance, we will help you to make sure you receive the treatment that will give you the most benefits.


Here is a list of some basic differences between the deep tissue and swedish massages:


Deep Tissue                             Swedish
Slow, specific strokes Systematic scientific manipulation of the soft tissue
Classic but more intense and focused Classic Massage
Relieves pain and tension in the connective                    
tissue known as fascia
Kneading of individual muscles
Works out kinks and knots Soothes knots
Helps promote the healing of prior injuries Relieves and comforts daily stressors
Improve posture and range of motion Increase circulation of blood and lymph


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