Deep tissue massages are very relaxing and a great way to improve mobility and circulation. At Body N Balance healing, we offer a wide range of services. We are located in Wantagh, NY and are grateful to provide you with a calming atmosphere and positive experience!


What is a deep tissue massage?


This type of massage targets targets the deep tissue structure of the body known as the connective tissue. It is similar to classic massage therapy, however the movement is slower and the pressure goes deeper. The deep tissue massage concentrates on common areas of tension and pain such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back.


How does a deep tissue massage work?


Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down bands of painful and rigid tissue in the muscles tendons and ligaments. This leads to pain relief and restoration to normal movement.


Does a deep tissue massage hurt?


There may be some discomfort and pain, so it is important to tell us if you are experiencing anything outside of your comfort range. There may be some residual pain after the massage but it will subside within a day or so. We recommend applying ice to an area of discomfort after the massage.


What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?deep tissue massage long island
–  Break up and elimination of scar tissue

–  Loosen muscles

–  Relieve stress

–  Improve range of motion

–  Release chronic knots

–  Reduce inflammation

–  Improve circulation

And so much more!!