The 4th is rapidly approaching and most people are preparing their food and backyards for a celebratory event for friends and family. However, the 4th isn’t just about barbecue and fire works. Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which freed us from the colonization of Great Britain. This National Day has come to have us care for and appreciate the military personnel in our lives and our community. What better way to show we care than treating the military personnel in our lives to a massage!

massage for the military

Massage therapy is known to heal and relieve common ailments, but has also proven to be very helpful in treating the common emotional and physical injuries incurred by being in the military. Despite advances in modern warfare and warfare recovery, the injuries suffered in combat are constant. A study was conducted on the soldiers who were evacuated during one year of the Operation Iraqi Freedom. 53% of the soldiers suffering from non-combat injuries we complaining of low back pain, most of which were attributed to herniated disks. The other 47% were from various pains in places such as the arms, legs, groin, or stomach that were mostly musculoskeletal in nature. Massage therapy can be utilized to ease the pain of the injuries suffered from being in active duty. There are many medical and traditional Western treatments for post-war recovery. Adding massage therapy into your routine will give you the extra bit of relief and stress reduction to help you get back to your life here in New York



During military service there are many types of trauma incurred, ranging from lack of sleep to other more severe traumas that most people wouldn’t ever see in a lifetime. A Body N Balance Healing located in Wantagh, Long Island we are available to help treat any of the physical manifestations, as well as the emotional and physical injuries you may have incurred.