If you are looking to heal the mind, body, and spirit, visit us at Body N Balance Healing in Wantagh, Long island for a spa day! There are many benefits of a spa day and we are dedicated to making sure you experience them all! People love being pampered and this gives us great opportunity at our Long Island spa to serve the community.


Here are some benefits of a spa day that we are proud to provide:


long island massage therapy–  De-stress: Massages, facials, body treatments all have the commonality of being able to melt away worries


–  Get yourself healthy: Owner and licensed massage therapist Marsh Eisen will help you learn how to relax your muscles and take care of your body for future wellness


–  Mental wellness: Treatments such as facials and body wraps can increase your confidence and self-esteem


–  Weight loss: Our cellulite seaweed body wrap is beneficial for inch loss and cellulite reduction


–  Detoxification: Our treatments will help purge toxins in your body. This helps eliminate bloating and water retention, which is sure to make you feel great!


nassau county spa–  Feel and look young: Taking care of your body can help deter aging


–  Improve circulation and manage blood pressure: Body treatments such as a hot stone massage, aromatherapy, and pre-natal massages help improve circulation


–  Improve sleep habits: When your body, mind, and spirit are free from tension you will be sure to sleep soundly and comfortably


–  Management of body aches and pains: Treatments offered at our spa is sure to address arthritis, nerve disorders, past injuries and your garden variety aches and pains



The benefits of a spa day are boundless! Come and visit our Long Island spa for some much needed “me-time.”