Come on down to Body N Balance to relax, recharge and refresh yourself. If you find yourself wrapped up in the daily stresses of life and find that life on life’s terms has got you down, treat yourself to some relaxation at our spa in Wantagh. We are here to provide you with a calming atmosphere in which you can heal your body and mind. Healing during the body and mind is important in our everyday stressful lives. To heal the body and mind we will assist you in one or many of our spa treatments.


Healing the body and mind is a process that works from the inside out. We help to heal your body through our massage therapy techniques, facials and body scrubs. Healing the mind works through also healing the body as well. We use the Usui method of Reiki healing in which we use the universal life force that assists to heal the physical body. Reiki healing enhances relaxation and self awareness and quiets the mind and nourishes the spirit.


We also have a wide range of massages that we offer. Each massage is specific to our individual clients. We have common massages such as Swedish and Deep Tissue but also Pre-Natal and Sports massages that are of a more specific nature. All of our spa treatments assist in healing your body as well as the mind.