Fathers day is just around the corner and what better way to show dad you care than getting him a relaxing and healthful massage! Come down to Body N Balance Healing to help treat dad to stress reduction, pain relief, lowered blood pressure, and an improved immune system.

Most people think of a massage or spa treatment as being a girly thing. But more and more men are indulging in massages not because of their feel-good reasons, but also because it is beneficial to their health and well-being. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, only 29% of men reported seeing a massage therapist in the last 5 years. So what’s with the remaining 71%? Here we have listed some common questions and concerns that men have that may keep them from receiving the benefits of a massage:

– Do I have to undress and will the therapist be there when I do? Nudity is a big concern amongst people new to the massage scene. You should always undress to your level of comfort. When you disrobe (totally or partially), you will discretely draped under a sheet, with only the parts of the body being worked on exposed at a time.
– What if I am self-conscious about certain parts or aspects of my body? All people (not just women0 are concerned about certain areas of their body. Some men are concerned with scars, excess body hair, being overweight, etc. However massage therapists like all other healthcare providers are used to seeing all shapes and sizes of people. At Body N Balance Healing we do not judge. We are concerned with your wellbeing and comfort. If there is an area you would like to avoid, we will respect your wishes.
– Do I have to or should I talk during a massage? If you want to talk, go ahead but it isn’t necessary or weird if you don’t. Your massage is your time to relax and recuperate, so whatever you feel comfortable with is ok with us!
– What if I don’t want another man giving me a massage? This is very common. At Body N Balance Marsha is obviously female, so no need to worry about that!


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At Body N Balance Healing located in Wantagh, Long Island we offer a variety of services. For all the men in your life who are nervous about receiving a massage, it’s time that you help them along!