Some of most important things for athletes is injury prevention, recovery, and cleansing. Massage treatments from Body N Balance healing help body builders and athletes attain all three. Massage treatments help an a person by offering a non-invasive and drug-free approach to healing and personal growth. Deep tissue massages target the painful rigid tissue in the tendons, muscles and ligaments. When you train, these bands of tissue can become inflamed and limit movement and circulation. Deep tissue massages will help the body from tensing up and therefore prevent injuries.


It is also important for athletes to keep the body cleansed of impurities. Massage acts like a mechanical cleanser by stimulating lymph circulation and promoting waste and toxin elimination. When muscles are pushed too hard, muscle spasms occur. Massage eases muscle spasms and relieves tension and provides natural recovery to the body.


Massage helps to stimulate the immune system and reduces vulnerability to colds and slow recovery time. When athletes and body builders get sick, it can be detrimental to their workout regimen. Athletes know that it is vital to stay in optimal health so that they continue to train.


Receiving a massage at Body-N-Balance is not only a relaxing experience. Aside from tension and stress relief, a regular massage can boost performance for athletes and body builders. We offer a Sports Massage that is a vigorous form of massage. It consists of deep tissue work and stretches for the muscles before or after a hard work out and gets the muscles ready for strenuous activity.