CBD Oil Massage

People with arthritis, injuries, sore muscles, neurological disorders, and those who want to relax or relieve anxiety can benefit from a CBD oil massage.


Swedish Massage

Very relaxing. Great to improve circulation.
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Deep Tissue Massage

A more vigorous massage. Deeply penetrates the muscles.
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Hot Stone Massage

I use the heat from Hot Stones to deep penetrate the muscles assist in blood flow and deep healing any muscle tension or soreness your body may have. I also use my hands to massage as well and place the stones on different areas of the body to assist in the healing process.
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Thai Massage

Increase flexibility, eliminate muscle pain and spasms, calm the nervois system, and allow for the significant release of stress. Thai massage will stimulate blood circulation,lymph drainage, relieve fatigue and headaches.


Pre-Natal Massage

For woman after the 1st trimester of Pregnancy. it’s extremely soothing and relaxing and helps relieve any pain or pressure that may occur during pregnancy.
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Sports Massage

Is a more vigorous form of massage. That consist of deep tissue work and stretches to help heal and stretch the muscles before or after a hard work out, or to get the muscles ready for strenuous activity.


Aromatherapy Massage

I use an assortment of oils of your choice. The scent in the room and in the massage oils Helps calm the mind so the body will follow. It’s a very relaxing and calming massage. I also do energy balanceing and healing work with the massage


20-Minute Scalp Massage

I use Aromatherapy oils on the scalp to help with relaxation and healing. It feels incredible especially for people like me who love there head massaged.


Learn the Art & Love of Massage

Do you want to learn how to heal your heart, body and spirit with the loving guidance of a professional Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Healer? Have you lost the intimacy in your relationship? Have you been married a while, have kids, work, family, and life on life’s terms been getting in your way. Do you want to reconnect with your partner and get the love passion and intimacy back into your life, or if your a couple who wants to enjoy each other and establish a deeper connection to one and other and the universe. Come into Body-n-Balance to learn thehealing art of massage. You and your partners love is worth saving and embracing.