The nerve bundle known as the sciatic nerve is a trouble area for most people. The nerve bundle is comprised of several nerve roots that originate in he lower back and sacral area. The sciatic nerve goes goes all the way down through the lower back and thigh to the bottom of the leg and foot. Because of it’s span, people who have issues with it can be greatly affected by it. If the sciatic nerve becomes compressed in any way, the effects can be felt on that entire quadrant of the body. The pain could be mild such as a tingling in the leg and foot. It can also be severe and inhibit your ability to sit or lay down. If you have been diagnosed with some issue of the sciatic nerve, regular massage therapy can bring lasting relief. Massage treatment for sciatica relief has proven to be an effective means of managing chronic back pain.


massage treatment for sciatica reliefThe massage treatment for sciatica relief usually starts with an assessment of the lower back and buttock area. The treatment would then consist of the application of pressure to the areas that are affecting the sciatic nerve. It may take several treatments to have the surrounding muscles fully release the sciatic nerve. Common practices such as taking pain killers can become greatly expensive and will not solve the problem, just mask it. Utilizing massage therapy treatments at Body N Balance Healing not only will lift your spirits by calming the mind and making you feel good, but can treat common and persistent problems such as sciatica. When you meet with Licensed Massage Therapist Marsha Eisen, you will be treated in the most efficient way to help you move easier and feel ready for the rest of your day!