The common misconception about massage is that it is simply a good rub down. We now know massage to be bodywork, and a masseuse to be a therapist. Many people have not experienced a massage for one reason or another. The most common reason is the thought of having a stranger see and touch our body parts. However if you can open your mouth to a dentist or let a medical doctor see your most private areas, what’s so bad about having a therapist touch your back or arm? There is an art to massage and licensed Massage Therapist Marsha Eisen honors the art and is dedicated to helping you heal from the inside out.



Nagging Pains from Surgery?
Often times we see post-surgical patients who have aches an pains from the procedure they have endured. Between having our bodies manipulated and physical manifestations of stress, our healing process could be a painful one. With regular massage therapy before and after surgery can limit the amount of pain medication you need to take. As a result you will have fewer side effects and a less uncomfortable recovery time. Massage improves circulation, which brings healing into your muscles and organs.


Pain Inhibiting Sleep?
Lack of sleep at home or in a hospital can greatly delay recovery. Sleep deprivation is often treated with medications, however simple medications do not address the actual cause of the problem. Massage therapy can reduce blood pressure, relieve fear and anxiety, and ease pains that wake you up at night.


Daily Activities Hindered?
It’s bad enough that you have suffered an injury or have been living with an ailment for a long time. Now your daily activities are dwindling. The amount of time or effort you put into the activities that are necessary or fun to do are being affected. Adding massage to your usual list of recovery or maintenance techniques can greatly improve your abilities and stamina when doing regular activities.



massage in wantaghWhen you come to Body N Balance Healing located in Wantagh, Long Island we will treat you specifically for your pain relief and management needs. People have been utilizing massage therapy for thousands of years to promote healing of the body and spirit. With less stress and pain, you will be able to sleep and move about your day with greater ease!