Everyone experiences a blemish no and then but there people who are plagued with acne. Things like pimples, blackheads, and cysts. It is important to maintain a good skin care regimen in order to control acne and stop the spread of bacteria and infection. At Body N Balance healing, owner Marsha Eisen is available to assist you with a facial as well as some helpful tips for clear skin. If you have trouble areas on your skin or have recurring troublesome acne on your face or body, come to Body N Balance and let us help heal your skin!


Some helpful tips for clear skin:

-Change your pillow case often. The oils and debris from your skin or hair will trap in the fibers of your pillowcase. If your skin is sensitive, this can result in clogged pores and infection.


-Always scrub your hands and fingernails with antibacterial soap. Bacteria can hide on your hands and nails. If you touch your face for any reason, you will transfer the bacteria.


-Do not let telephones touch your face. Your smart phone is everywhere and loaded with bacteria. Stay hands free and limit the possibility of spreading more bacteria to your skin.


-Reduce your salt intake. Most people only think of sugar, but excess salt in your diet can also start a flare up.


-Hydration is extremely important to your skin health. Keep hydrated with water to offset the caffeine or alcohol intake.



facial treatments

At BNB we offer various skin care treatments to help with your face and back breakouts. From the occasional pimple to the chronic sufferer, we can help! Visit our spa in Wantagh, Long Island for some relaxation sure to cure your skin from the inside out!