More relaxation is something that we can all use in our lives. At Body N Balance located in Wantagh, Long Island we are grateful to provide an atmosphere where people can relax and rejuvenate. Our goal is not only to help you with relaxation, but also to help with the healing process. We believe that true healing comes from within the body, mind and spirit. We will work with you to heal your spirit within a calm, relaxing, meditative atmosphere. Everybody deserves a chance to break away from the daily stresses of life. Our spa treatments at Body N Balance on Long Island are sure to help you relax, rejuvenate, and heal.


We have a wide range of services to offer you, in which you can heal your mind and body. Of course we offer massage therapy and body treatments but we also offer Reiki Energy Healing. Reiki and energy balancing helps in the process of healing your body but your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. We use the Usui method of Reiki Healing which is working with the universal life force to asset in the healing process of the physical body. It helps to enhance relaxation and self awareness as it quits and nourishes your spirit. A Reiki healing session at Body N Balance is $75. Another relaxing treatment we offer is an Aromatherapy Body Wrap. We use special aromatherapy oils that are specifically designed to promote healing. While in the body wrap, you will sweat out the toxins and release negativity. An Aromatherapy Body Wrap treatment at Body N Balance is $75.


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