The sports massage was originally intended to help athletes prepare for performance and recovery. It is fantastic as preventative action against injuries and slow recovery. Also, athletes who have injuries or just troubles such as muscle tears, chronic pain, and limited range of motion can greatly benefit from the sports massage. However, the sports massage isn’t just for athletes. While a triathlete will have different needs than a gardener, both of their bodies and spirits need a sports massage. Summertime means extra workouts for our beach bodies and out door activities added to our existing routines. At Body N Balance we provide the sports massage that will focus on the parts of your body that are overused in repetitive motions. Whether it’s a sore knee from running or neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a computer all day, a proper massage will generate the healing process within the body.


sports massage

A sports massage will restore the body when it is overworked in any area. By focusing on the inner affected areas, the outer performance is enhanced. Through deep tissue work, muscle energy exercise, and stretching, the muscles are stimulated in a restorative way. The Sports Massage has been in recorded history since 130-201 AD. The Aborigines used the restorative technique in their ancient game of football. Whether you are swimming Olympic style pool laps or walking the dog, you can benefit from a sports massage. We are caught in routines in our daily life and our motions are just as repetitive. The Sports Massage at Body N Balance in Wantagh, Long Island can help parts of your body that are affected by your daily living.