Summertime Healing Massage At Body N Balance. Summertime for most people means getting out and about as often as possible. We go out with friends and family to explore nature, clean-up the yard and garden, and playing sport with the kids. All of this activity can lead to muscle strains and pains. This especially is true after a long New York winter where our bodies have not been used to all the physical activity. If you find yourself with soreness after a weekend of fun in the sun, it may be time to stop into our Wantagh Body N Balance Healing spa. We offer a wide range of massage services to help you wash away the tensions and toxins that you have been storing up all winter. Our Sports Massage is also great for soothing the pains of your increased physical activities.


The elements making up our bodies are connected down to the smallest cells. Our bones, muscles, nerves and organs all work together and affect one another. It is so important to address pains right away because that foot pain that causes a little limp could eventually turn into uneven hips. Uneven hips cause lower and upper back pain, which misaligns the spine leading to long island spapinched nerves. That pinched nerve in your neck causes a blaring migraine and before you know it, your summer Saturday is spent on the couch. Problems like this happen all the time but usually without us consciously understanding what is happening in our bodies. At Body N Balance we are here to help you heal the body and mind to ensure you have a happy and successful summer!


Massage therapy has been around since before recorded history. People throughout history have recognized the healing benefits of a massage. Somewhere  in our history the idea of a “spa treatment” became something for the rich or elite as a privilege. This couldn’t be more wrong. Although massages do feel amazing, it is important to understand how many health benefits come along with a massage. It improves circulation, relieves stress, speeds up the healing of injuries, and so much more.  Come to our Long Island location and leave feeling ready to take on the summer!