When you find yourself stressed and in need of some relaxation, come on down to Body N Balance Healing of Wantagh. Whether you are looking for a massage, facial, body treatment or other form of relaxation, we have what you are looking for! We are here to provide you with a calming atmosphere in which you can heal your mind and body. Our goal is to have you feeling relaxed and refreshed when you leave our spa. Allow yourself a chance at taking a break to get away from the daily stresses of your life. You deserve a break! At Body N Balance we work to heal the spirit and body using a calming meditative atmosphere.


We have a wide range of services to offer you to help heal your body and mind. Aside from massage therapy we offer other forms of healing. Reiki and energy balancing helps to assist in healing not only your physical body but also the mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. We use Reiki to heal you using the universal life force. When you allow yourself the opportunity to let go and let the energy of the universe work through you, it is amazing the transformation that occurs.


All of the products that we use at Body N Balance are botanical all natural organic. There are absolutely no chemicals used in our products ever! These products that we have will provide skin wellness and assist in the anti-aging process. When receiving a treatment, we rejuvenate the skin while detoxifying and leaving it feeling exfoliated, clean and clear. Your skin will feel softer than ever!