Reiki, or ‘spiritually-directed life force energy’, is an extremely powerful healing therapy and modality. So how does Reiki healing energy work? Well, we are alive because of the ‘ki’, or energy that flows inside us. That life-force energy literally moves through every cell and pathway of our bodies. (And we’re talking all your bodies, including your spiritual body, your emotional body, your mental body… We are a Reiki website, after all!)


Since we are powerful beings who can co-create the experiences we have in our lives along with the Divine Spirit, Source, God/Goddess, what have you, we have the ability to change how this ki flows within us. The vast majority of people do this unconsciously, and do not realize they are co-creating their lives along with Spirit. They don’t see that we can all block the ki running through our body by thinking negative thoughts, which then turn into negative emotions. Since these negative emotions are energy, as is everything, they can get lodged in the body and cause suffering, disease and illness.


The Intelligence of Reiki Healing Energy


Reiki healing therapy allows the spiritually-directed life force energy to flow through the body. The healing Reiki energy is extremely intelligent, and does what it needs to do. Sometimes it will charge up the body with positive energy, other times it will help to break up any stagnant or blocked energies. Whatever it clears away, it then fills with its loving energy.


Benefits of Reiki Healing Therapy


– Detoxifying the body
– Balancing one’s energy
– Removing energetic blockages


How the Reiki Healing Energy Works


Since the Reiki healing energy is so wise, it knows where it needs to go to do its magic, be it to clear blockages, balance your systems or conduct some other type of healing. The Reiki practitioner doesn’t have to specify where the Reiki energy should go; it knows what to do! However, the Reiki practitioner and/or the recipient can still set an intention about where they would like the Reiki healing energy to go.


Say, for example, that a client comes in with a broken heart. You just finished your Reiki training class, and know that you want to focus on your client’s heart. You can stand at her heart, you can even do heart-healing symbols over it, but ultimately the Reiki healing energy will decide where to go. It may understand that it can best heal by moving to the client’s head and clearing their negative thoughts, giving them peace and relaxation to help their healing.


Reiki healing energy works because it is energy that is specifically directed by Spirit. And Spirit is pretty wise. We think you want it in your corner. So, while it is beneficial to set an intention for the Reiki energy, try to complete your sessions without expectations of what will happen. Reiki energy only works for the highest good of all concerned, so you will not have to worry about ‘doing’ something wrong. Truly, the Reiki healing energy is doing all the work anyway.