massageThe warmth of human touch can generate feelings of wellbeing that can relax and comfort us. However over thousands of years of studying and experiencing massage, we have come to realize that there are deeper reasons that massages are good for us. Due to this realization, massages have become much more sophisticated and is used according to a clients specific medical needs and goals. We now know that the benefits of massage take care of whole body wellness. At Body N Balance Healing located in Wantagh, New York we offer various massage services that are sure to help you with your unique needs.


One of the biggest benefits of massage is the release and alleviating of stress. Stress plays an enormous role in our health and is related to an estimated 90% of all ailments. In order for our internal systems to be functioning at their best, many clients receive massages in order to help balance stress. In addition, massages stimulate the lymph flow which enhances the body’s immune system. Our body’s biggest organ is our skin which is manipulated by a massage. This aids in tissue regeneration and reduction of scar tissue. Massages also improve circulation and pumps oxygen and nutrients into vital organs and tissue.


sports massageReceiving massages regularly is the way to go if you are looking for immediate and long term results. With regular use, massages can generate whole body wellness and ease the mind of anxieties. It should be considered a necessary aspect of everyone’s maintenance plan for good health, improved energy, and overall healing.