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Why Get A Massage?

Body N Balance Healing is located in Wantagh Long Island. The spa offers many treatments such as facials, body wraps, body scrubs, and Reiki treatments. The most popular is the massage. We offer sports massages, deep tissue massages, and swedish massages. A massage is popular not only because it feels fantastic, but because there are many heath benefits to receiving a treatment.


Why Get A Massage Today?


-Manage Depression and Anxiety: Massages are relaxing and can soothe anxieties and symptoms of depression. A massage is known to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which will lift your spirits and lower blood pressure.


-Ease Aches and Pain: Time.com says that 8 out of 10 Americans will at some point suffer from debilitating back pain. People who receive massage therapy are more likely to feel and function better than people who do not. Getting a massage will decrease stiffness and increase your range of motion.


-Improve Sleep: Receiving massages is known to promote healthy sleep.


-Boost Your Immune System: A treatment is known to improve your immune system by increasing white blood cells and decreasing the diseases brought on by stress.


-Ease PMS: Massages can ease the symptoms of PMS such as bloating and mood swings.


-Raise Alertness: It’s simple, when you are relaxed and relieved of stress, you are more likely to be present in your daily activities.


-Relieve Headaches: We all know how debilitating a migraine or headache can be. It is possible that these come about because of tension in the neck and shoulders.


-Healthy Skin: Massages increase blood flow which is excellent for plumping up slack skin and promoting healthy complexion.