Receiving a massage treatment on a regular basis can not only reduce stress but also heal common ailments in the body. Hand pain is often brought about by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and tennis elbow. Most of these ailments occur when the hands are used in a repetitive movement for extended periods of time. People who do computer work, sports, and other physical activities find themselves experiencing chronic hand pain.


Massage treatment can ease the pain caused by these ailments. By relieving the muscles and tissues in the affected areas that cause the pain, a massage therapy treatment can greatly increase your quality of life. People with these ailments on top of pain also feel tingling and experience decreased abilities in their hands. These effects can greatly impact the quality of your life. You may not be able to operate at work or participate in hobbies or family activities. Massage acts like a mechanical cleanser by stimulating lymph circulation and promoting waste and toxin elimination. When muscles are pushed too hard, muscle spasms occur. Massage eases muscle spasms and relieves tension and provides natural recovery to the body.


At Body N Balance healing we offer various types of massages. One that we use to help those with chronic hand pain is our Sports Massage. It is a vigorous treatment that consists of deep tissue work and stretches that heal and stretch the muscles before or after activities. Aside from tension and stress relief, a regular massage can boost performance in your job and everyday activities.