As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the number of seniors is growing steadily. The National Center for Health Statistics has projected the population of those 65 and older to jump from its current 12.9% to 19.6% by 2030. With this generation aging and living longer than generations before, it is important to consider how we care for the seniors in our society. Research shows that massage has a great deal to offer to seniors who are dealing with aches and pains due to aging and injuries that need some help healing. For seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s, massage is low-risk and low-cost form of intervention to reduce stress.


Although seniors are prone to things such as hypersensitivity and bruising, this does not mean they are as frail as we may think. Stretching and kneading can relieve pains that keep elders up at night. The simple touch of a massage provides connection and reassurance that sends a relaxation response throughout the body. A massage for seniors is something they can look forward to every week. It provides personal attention that does not result in another prescription or added stress. The benefits of a regular massage can bring about lasting effects that promote overall wellness.


Massage performed on seniors can:

–   Reduce stress

–   Promote relaxation

–   Decrease fear and anxiety

–   Stimulate bowels

–   Lower blood pressure

–   Decrease isolation

–   Reduces swelling and edema