There are many benefits to a massage besides relieving tension in your muscles. At Body N Balance located in Wantagh, Long Island we want you to give yourself a break and a chance for relaxation from the stresses of every day life. We offer a variety of massages such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and also Prenatal.


A massage reduces waste products such as carbonic acid and lactic acid that can build up in your muscles after physical activity. Lactic acid causes camping, discomfort and often irritability. Getting a massage helps to enhance the immune system and aids in recovery for soft tissue injuries as it increases blood circulation to injured areas.


Massage therapy helps to aid overall performance of the body. A massage will help increase the blood supply and nutrition to muscles while not increasing the amount of lactic acid produced which takes place during exercise. A massage will also help open up the blood vessels which improves circulation and relieves congestion. It can also help to increase the number of red blood cells and this increase can be helpful for a variety of reasons.


If you find yourself stressed over the daily annoyances of your everyday life and need a little bit of relaxation, we can provide that to you! Come on down to World’s Gym in Wantagh to Body N Balance for the relaxation you are longing for. Aside from massages we offer Reiki, facials and body treatments. We are here to help you relax, so give yourself a break and take the first step in relaxation.