At Body N Balance Healing of Nassau, Long Island, we know that massage therapy has a great role in pain management. There is a growing body of research that proves that massage therapy can be effective and efficient in management of chronic pains. Specialized massages can help in pain relief in specific areas or even in patients that experience pain throughout their entire bodies. The effectiveness of this form of treatment is a very simple and direct strategy in which the therapist will work from the external and outer body to the primary root cause of pain.


What separates massage therapy from other forms of pain management is that the therapists concern isn’t only the site of pain and they use a holistic approach to focus on the entire body system. Through treatment, patients get a better perspective on their bodies and have more awareness that can help better familiarize them with the pain they experience. Once patients are more familiar with their pain, therapists can better treat them for it.


At Body N Balance we serve Wantagh which is located in Nassau County, New York. We offer a wide variety of specialized massages for pregnant woman, athletes, chronic pain, and even a Reiki and Energy Healing that can help relieve pain and helps heal the body. If you experience chronic pains and have struggled to find relief, come down to Body N Balance Massage Therapy and give us a shot at helping your body heal.